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You will laugh and cry at the same time

You already know us because of    iPad Accordéon App (  there's a cool update available BTW.) And now we are excited to share some more of our work with you, ahead of general circulation. 

Sad Comics, a scintillating new comic series from one of today’s most talented artists, is coming to the iPad! I’m thrilled to offer you this sneak peek of an app that will innovate how you read and enjoy comics. 

Written and illustrated by Roman Muradov, Sad Comics immerses you in a surreal world that will make you laugh—and cry (possibly at the same time!). Fantastical characters that include a dying fish imagining the seduction of a catty Eva Braun and a graveyard visitor with a job offer for the nearly departed as well as intricate, incredible art can be experienced with a level of detail and depth of color unique to the iPad. See below for a few samples of how the otherworldly series comes to life on screen.

To fully experience our new app, visit to download and read the first issue free! Additional issues are available as in-app purchases, with discounts and free bonus content available with the purchase of two or more issues. amet enim.

The app is free, but we will be happy to send you a promo-code at your request. 

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